Beads, Candles & Smells In the fall and winter I really go crazy for candles that smell like baking, sweets and all other warm, 'hibernating-like' good smells. As I walked around my house last night lighting all of my candles I passed by my favorite candle holder and realized, 'Hey! Those are beads on there!". I have had this...

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Happy (beaded) Slipper Day!’s one of “those” days...a slipper day. Yes, I brought my house-slippers to the Happy Mango Beads warehouse, making it a warehouse-slipper-day. I’m not sure you all realize how wonderful it is to work for this company. We have all heard the phrase, “no shirt, no shoes, no service,”...

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Dystonia & Beading UPDATE: A few years ago Happy Mango Beads got involved in 7,000 Bracelets for Hope. The goal was to raise awareness and funds for over 7,000 rare diseases. All of which lacked awareness and the necessary funding for research, translating to no cures for most of these obscure diseases. The bracelet...

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Milagro Charms Now that we know more about Native American fetishes, let's take a look at these Latin American religious charms! Historically, Milagros accompanied the Spanish to Latin America. Milagros, translating to "miracles", are a Latin American religious folk tradition that are offered as a tool for healing....

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What is a Fetish? First a '50 Shades of Gray' reference and now we're bringing up fetishes?? You might think we're getting a little wild this week here at Happy Mango Beads, but don't be fooled. We're always a little crazy! A fetish is a carving that is believed to have power. Fetishes have been used by all southwestern...

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Tips for Tuesday

Today’s beading tips are provided by Bre Aponi. She is the owner of EmotionAsArt and you can find her on Facebook!

1) Stay organized – I find that when I lay out all of my materials before I begin it makes it so much easier for me while creating. Not having to worry about where this or that is allows for my creative side to run free.Happy Mango Beads - Barrel Beads

2) Go with the flow. Often I find myself looking at a piece and wanting to make changes! Change is good, go with it! (As long as it’s not a custom order of course :)) At time, it takes starting a creation to realize it’s potential. It’s okay to change your mind; often times you’ll create something you had never thought of before.

3) Use the right tools. I have had many people ask me if it’s okay to use scissors to cut wire or if it’s okay to use their fingers instead of pliers. While I cannot say that it is not okay, I have to say that using the proper tools shows in your work and it makes it easier to create. In my opinion, having a variety of tools on hand is the best way to begin a project. Save your hands and invest in some new tools!

Do you have 3 beading tips you’d like to share?

Email them to: along with a link to your Facebook page, Etsy store, or jewelry website and we might post it here!


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Bead Giveaway ~ Fall into Winter



Some people select beads based on the season … and some select beads just because they like them.  Regardless of the reason you choose your beads, we hope you’ll want to enter of our fun giveaway, Fall into Winter!

IT’S FAST AND EASY TO ENTER:  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us which season inspires you most – Fall or Winter – and why.  And then go to our Facebook or Twitter and share / retweet our Fall into Winter poster.

One lucky winner will be drawn on November 25th at noon (mountain time) and that person will receive all the beads (and charms) you see pictured!

Good luck, and happy beading!

Fall into Winter Giveaway - Happy Mango Beads

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Comments (66)

The variety of Fall colors inspire me the most. I love all the different shades of yellow, orange, red, brown and fading green.

I now enjoy the temperature of fall & winter. I stay hot all the time since my stroke a few years ago. If the temp is cooler I can enjoy activities more & my studio easier. I can’t afford real nice supplies such as these, I usually just admire them & imagine. Thanks for the chance.

WOW, I love BOTH Fall and Winter!! However, I was born into the Fall as a Libra in October (the best month ever) so it is with great pleasure that I share that FALL is the most inspiring! We have just came off of a BEAUTIFUL Fall here in NC-the colors were spectacular! Now-snow :)

Between fall and winter, winter inspires me the most. For a frozen effect, I like using mat or rough beads and for an iced effect, I will use cracked beads. When you say winter, I hear white and blue, I hear snow and ice, I hear something pure and relaxing.

Fall inspires me the most

I love fall the best, because of the changing leaves.

I love winter for inspiration!

I love the Fall. It is my favorite, albeit short, season. The constantly changing colors of the natural world around us are both inspiring and calming.

I love both but I think fall gives me more ideas as there is more colour choices

If I have to choose, then I’ll choose fall. I love the warmth and earthiness of the fall colors.

It’s so hard to choose but I love the fall the most. All the yellows, reds, oranges and browns bring me back to nature and the earth.

Winter because of Christmas & I love the icy colors, gemstone colors. Fall is earth tones, which, while beautiful, don’t really inspire me as much :)

Fall inspires me most because I love fall colors the most!

Although I don’t like the cold of winter, I have to say it inspires me most. Since my favorite color is blue, and my favorite stone beads are the clear ones, the winter ice and snow gives me the most inspiration to create with those beads!

I am inspired the most by winter, because of Christmas. When Christmas comes, we always end up having less money at the end of the year than we planned, and so even though I’d like to buy people gifts, I end up making people gifts. They say hand made gifts are always better, but it always felt like a cop out to me, like “I’m sorry, I just don’t have any money this year, so I’m moderately talented, and spent my time making this, instead.”

After the first few years, my hesitation of making gifts waned; people much preferred the hand made gifts to the ones I’d chosen from the store shelves. In fact, I had started getting requests from year to year to get hand made items, instead of purchased gifts.

Winter is an inspiration to me because my family gets together, we show eachother we love eachother anyway we can, and it’s not about the gifts. But — every piece of my work, it’s a piece of me, and people, friends or family, requesting that from me year after year, it’s an inspiration — it’s a reminder to me, “I always want to keep you close, even if you can’t be here.” And the feeling is incredible.

I love the Fall season with the never ending colors around and holiday season just around the corner.

Fall inspires me the most. The various hues of fall leaves inspire my creative spirit to flow. There are so many colors to explore. Fall inspires me to be BOLD, and be UNIQUE with the colors and beads that I incorporate in my designs.

I love the season fall for many reasons…One is i love the pleasant colors like orange,brown,yellow and pale green..And second is Fall season falls in the month i was born(October:):))

During Fall Season trees shreds all its leaves and blooms again during summer which teaches us to release all our negative energy and rise again with so much of positiveness in life..

Man this us tough!! but I’d have to say fall… I love the start of the change in weather and crisp mornings. However, here in Colorado fall seems to be toshort! I love the colors while they last and the idea of sitting in my bead shop drinking tea and making beautiful artwork.

Definitely Fall with all it’s shades of yellow, red and orange.

Fall- I love the colors and the cooling temperature! Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect.

I don’t really relate colors to seasons in the usual way, but I think I’m most inspired by winter’s lack of bright colors. All the whiteness is like an artist’s blank canvas, to be filled with whatever colors he chooses.

The winter beads appeal to me…d different hues f blue are just so inviting…

I love the blues and greens since they are colors that I wear more frequently. Today is very cold and the blues make me think of the cold.

This would be *wonderful* to win!!!

And oh yeah! Winter is my favorite. White and silver with a little turqouise or aquamarine thrown in . . . beautiful!

I think every season has its charm, in autumn the changing color of the leaves of the trees inspired me to make earrings and necklaces in those tones, Christmas and winter holidays this year inspired me to make it bright and colorful earrings.

retweet as GloriaW

I like fall best. In fall, the sun is lower on the horizon and its rays strike on a more oblique angle than in warmer months. The light in fall is more gentle and golden. I love how the softer sunlight infuses the fall color palette with a dreamy, ephemeral quality.

I love Fall the most because I feel it is very colorful & bright. The season inspires a lot !

I love winter. Cool , blue , Christmas, and a lot more inspires me and gives a pleasant feel.

I love all the fall colors the best.

Fall is my favorite time of year, I love all the color especially the reds!

Loving them both. Not fan of the cold but right now i am very attracted to the white and blue colors of winter.

Fall!!!! Love the colors. The richness of the reds, yellows, browns etc lead to a luscious pallet to create jewelry!!

I love fall with all of its beautiful colors!

The colors of Fall.

Winter inspires me, but in the fall I am more productive!


Definitely fall as the colors are beautiful in Michigan.

Winter! Love to have hot coffee on a cold morning!

thank you so much for this chance to win your gorgeous beads!

I love the fall. The colors of the leaves ranging from still green to yellow to orange to red. So beautiful. I even love the rain and the storms we can have in the Netherlands. Nothing as cosy as sitting on a couch, sipping hot chocolate, while a storm is raging outside :-)

I love the Fall because the leaves change colors as the Summer transitions to Winter. Its like seeing Gods Masterpiece of colors and hues, the brightness of colors against the blue sky and dark gray tree trunks going from green to yellow, from orange to red, and burgundy to brown, before they all fall to the ground. Year after year the Fall always captures my attention.

Fall always inspires me. In fact I have to push myself to make jewelry using other seasonal palettes since I always gravitate to the warm autumn colors. Thanks for the chance to win these these lovelies!

I love the abundance of fall, the rich colors of leaves, fruit and nuts. I’m inspired by the rounded shapes of melons, squash, and gourds and find myself putting those rounded forms into my work.

Every season inspires me….something to love in every single day.

I love fall! The oranges, the reds, the yellows all speak to me! (Now if only there were some pinks in there too . . . ) ;-) What an awesome giveaway!

Fall. The colors, textures and smells of the season wash over me and thankfulness surrounds my heart and home as I welcome loved ones back to my table. These thoughts drive my creative spirit as I design, too.

I don’t like winter because I am cold natured…but I am a ‘Winter’ and my colors are saturated with color. Winter.

I have more time to be creative in the fall and winter. And of course the influence of Christmas leads me to crystals and reds, gold and silver sparkle.

I live in AZ and Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. The most obvious reason is because of the cooler weather, but i am originally from AL and I always loved the warm yellows, oranges and golds mixed with the burgundies and contrasting cool colors.

Well, I like them both. However, I guess the colors of fall inspire me more.

Fall. I need to see some green to feel connected to the earth. I have many plants in my craft room.

Hi, don’t know if this is open to me but I’ll comment anyway!

In New Zealand Christmas is summertime so a different colour range – I don’t really design by season, but I love the blues in the Winter selection above. However, I want to mix & match! The lovely blue & white beads with the bright orange and crystal highlights.

I love the coziness of Winter

Fall is my favorite season, but I love the clear cool of crystals and the bright blue of Winter, too.

Spring and Summer I love the colors of the grass, the sky and the ocean.

Fall, the colors are amazing here in Michigan!

I love the winter colors. Lots of blues and navy winter whites pretty much are summer colors as well. I love all these beads would share some with my favorite jewelry makers.

I like Fall, it’s my favorite season all around. I love the beautiful changing colors and the way the weather changes (almost) daily. The textures of the leaves and the feeling in the air, it’s all richly invigorating. Yep, I really do love Fall. :)

I love the colors of fall – so vibrant

I love them equally, warm or cool palettes can be gorgeous, like your selections!!!

Fall is so crisp and fresh. I love the cooling off of the world around. Everything is getting ready for a deep sleep or well needed rest. I feel more inspired and invigorated during the Fall season. The colours and the sounds are all so alive!

I love to play with the autumn colors but it’s the blues and greens I love! What a lovely give away :)

Fall is definitely my season of inspiration. The abundance and variety of colors, the subtle differences in all the vegetation. However, nature is beautiful and during all seasons you find beautiful things that inspire you to create unique pieces.

Winter’s sparkle and ‘bling’ inspires me to create for gift giving!

Hard to choose but today, at least, I choose winter for the simplicity of lacy branches against white snow and blue sky.

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Tips for Tuesday


Today’s beading tips were provided by Christine.

Happy Mango Beads - Creative People

1) I use a 20×13″ wooden mosaic serving tray with handles when I want to get away from my big beading table or to go to a beading group. My whole project, beading cloth and the tools that I need, fit within the tray and nothing can roll out. Besides being a beautiful piece that would otherwise just sit in the kitchen on display, the tray is very sturdy and travels beautifully. I am often told that a cookie sheet works, too..but hey, ambiance inspires!

2) French wire, the tiny coiled wire that looks a bit like a spring but very flexible, is perfect for covering that last little bit of thread when attaching your clasp (and more secure than a jump ring). Creates a beautiful finish.

3) Instead of tying a knot and then gluing and hoping that it will stay, tie one half hitch, pull it very tight and then apply a small amount of glue (on both threads if you are using two threads). Wrap the thread around the bead once and when you tie your next half hitch the flue will ooze up into the knot. Voila!

Check out how Sarah beads on-the-go, too and be sure to visit Happy Mango Beads!

Do you have 3 beading tips you’d like to share?

Email them to: along with a link to your Facebook page, Etsy store, or jewelry website and we might post it here!

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Comments (1)

Definitely fall! I love that orange goes with amber and green and browns – these are favorite colors. I have some fall pendants that I use with a variety of colors, including rhyolite because rhyolite incorporates so many of the fall colors and can work with many of my pendants. I’ve been fortunate to live in a few different places (Colorado, Rhode Island, Ohio) where fall can be very different from one to another. A favorite memory is walking through an aspen grove above Georgetown CO when the leaves were at their golden peak, and the “clacking” of the leaves was the only sound as many of us walked through the grove as though it were a cathedral. I love that color – again the mix of golds and yellows and tinges of orange. Great question!

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Nip it in the Bead


I’m a gifting over-thinker and here’s a terrifying thought: there are only seven more weeks until Christmas. It seems like every year I am surprised and a little horrified at how soon stores put out Christmas items and then I ignore them for two months and BAM!, seemingly out of nowhere I have dozens of gifts to find for friends and family who all seem to already have everything. Figuring out what to get people is so darn hard when it seems like we all just have too much stuff (but never enough beads of course). What a wonderful problem we are fortunate enough to have! For myself, I love gifts of concert tickets, museum passes and art supplies that I can create with and which hold the promise of something else fun to look forward to.Jewelry Kits

Now hold that thought…

How many times have you been complimented on a piece of jewelry you were wearing that was one of your own creations? It feels great every time, no matter how often we hear it. How many times have friends or family asked you to “show them how you do that’?

Happy Mango Beads has your back! We created 12 different jewelry kits for a range of skill levels to gift or to keep! It is jewelry, creativity, learning, memory making and it comes wrapped in a lovely canvas bag! Who wouldn’t love more beads, more jewelry and all the adoring compliments that will come when they wear their creation? It is simple and thoughtful and you could check a few people off your list before nine weeks turns into one.

Since this is our first venture into jewelry kits we would really appreciate your feedback! Check them out and let us know what else you would like to see and we’ll ask our beading pro, Sarah, to see what else we can create for you!

Jewelry Kit Designs

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Comments (1)

Great job Courtney—here’s a suggestion for beading matts. I cut up an old nylon ‘Vellux type’ blanket. Had enough for friends, neighborhood, etc.

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Beads, Candles & Smells


In the fall and winter I really go crazy for candles that smell like baking, sweets and all other warm, ‘hibernating-like’ good smells. As I walked around my house last night lighting all of my candles I passed by my favorite candle holder and realized, ‘Hey! Those are beads on there!”. I have had this beaded beauty for nearly a decade and just had this realization. So, I thought I would share!

Happy Mango Beads

It has tiny beads that wrap around the top and the bottom and then copper wire is netted around the outside with 1 bead in each of the spaces.

What a cute little gift something like this would make?

Do you bead cool stuff like this? Any beads would work (especially those from Happy Mango!)

Check out Sarah’s beaded bicycle for more inspiration, too!

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Comments (2)

I’m fairly new to beading….are there any good books you can recommend? I’d love to learn peyote stitch and maybe down the road work with wire. I love your beads and can’t wait to start using them this Winter!

Hello, Linda! We do have a section on our website with a bunch of links to beading books! It can be found here:

We also have 3 beginner booklets available on our website here:

Have fun and thank you for following our blog!

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