Spontaneous creator or meticulous planner? I am the latter in all aspects of my life. Very type "A".  I like rules and such. I always have to plan out my projects before I assemble.  I look at all of my materials for a while, brainstorm, take a break, come back, and then begin.  Sometimes this process takes a few days or so of planning...

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Bees? Beans? Beets? Beads? What do you sell? I could easily tell people I am in the import/export business, but gosh that's boring! I am still working on complete articulation of the word "beads", but until then I love hearing what business people think I am in. The funny thing is that we do sell bees, beans, beets and beads...well...

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National Donut Day! It just came to my attention, thanks to Dunkin' Donuts, that today is National Donut Day!  How fun is that!  Did you know that Happy Mango Beads has LOTS OF DONUTS?

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When a Stegodon sits on your igloo... Q: What time is it when a Stegodon sits on your igloo? A: Time to build another igloo! (I know, I know, that's really bad!) We have just listed some new, awesome beads on our webstore that are made from Stegodon bone and tusk! (scroll to the bottom of our Rare & Fancy page to find them) These mammals...

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Terracotta - Rich & Warm The color terracotta brings to mind the richness of the Earth and the tile roofs of Mediterranean villages - both exude a comforting warmth.  No wonder the various shades of terracotta are commonly incorporated into our lives through our home decor and our in our jewelry designs. Happy Mango Beads...

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50 Shades of Grey… Jasper


This is not your average romance novel. Here at Happy Mango Beads, we want to take you deeper into jasper gemstone beads. As you know, jasper comes in many colors with many different patterns naturally occurring.

Gray jasper in particular is useful for regaining one’s personal power and for being more balanced. Jasper is thought to be a “down to earth” stone bringing daydreamers and unrealistic thinkers back to earth. It is thought to boost intuition and said to impart to its wearer an “animal knowing”, or an intuition that is instinctual. Looking for more hands-on, practical uses for jasper? The stone was historically used to form arrowheads and other tools by early Native Americans. More information regarding jasper gemstone beads is available on our website.

Healing properties and other uses of jasper could go on forever, but we’re going to keep this love story short and simple.

Looking for gray jasper beads? Happy Mango Beads offers a nice variety including: polka dot jasper, river jasper, gray leopard jasper, paintbrush jasper and Picasso jasper.Happy Mango Beads - Gray Jasper

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Beading ON THE GO!



Hello, there! I am Sarah, the newest Mango in the bunch. I’ve been deemed as the token BEADER of the crew, and am using my first blog post to share my best-kept secret. (I guess it isn’t a big secret, any more…)

One of my favorite things about beading is that you can do it almost anywhere! I guess it depends on how big your beads are, and what project you are working on…but I have finagled an awesome portable-workspace that I can take almost anywhere with me. So, even if I only have 5 minutes to work on something, I can pull it out of my purse and get a little work done. Whether you’re waiting to board an airplane, sitting at the doctor’s office, or riding the bus to work, you can bead any time!

I have converted an old cigar box of my dad’s into my mobile-studio, and get comments on it everywhere I go. All I did was take a cigar box that my dad was getting rid of, cut a piece of beading-mat to fit, and away I go! It fits my tiny scissors, needles, thread, bead-scoop, and “Thread Heaven”, plus whatever project I am working on (currently some jewelry components using Czech glass spear beads from Happy Mango Beads), all in a compact space that I can fit on my lap, wherever I may be.

Do you have a portable solution for YOUR beading-needs? Please share!

Happy Mango Beads - Cigar Box

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My portable workspace is a large Rubbermaid container. I keep my beads in small baggies. Its very convenient for making bangles on the go when I have to wait. It draws attention which opens discussions about my jewelry all leading to new sales. :-)

Simple and effective. Love it!

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The Ankh


AnkhThe ankh is an Egyptian symbol that is known as the “key of life”. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic characters read the symbol as “eternal life”. Over time the ankh has come to symbolize life and immortality, the universe, power and life-giving air and water.

Egyptian hieroglyphics often depicted royals of the time holding the ankh by the loop or with one in each hand with arms folded across the chest. The ankh was also commonly worn as an amulet, usually with two other pieces that represented ‘strength’ and ‘health’. The symbol was used frequently in tomb paintings and the key-like shape had encouraged the thought that the ankh would bring the bearer to the afterlife by ‘unlocking the gates of death’.

No one theory has been widely accepted regarding the origin of the ankh, but some theories are that it was the belt buckle of the mother goddess Isis, that it represented the male and female reproductive parts or that it was simply created as a ceremonial piece. The ankh is considered the first cross even though the origin of it is still a mystery to Egyptologists.

Head on over to Happy Mango Beads and check out our selection of pewter and bone ankh pendants!



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i love Ankh, love Happy Mango Beads

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Oh dear, these pendants are the COOLEST!


I couldn’t help but do a quick feature on some of my FAVORITE pendants that Happy Mango Beads currently has for sale (well, they might not last long!)Tibetan Turquoise.

Firstly, this turquoise pendant was handcrafted by a Tibetan refugee in Nepal. It’s large, and it’s in charge. If you are looking for a statement piece, seek no further. When I saw this pendant in the dark corner of a little shop in Kathmandu, I said “Rudi, we have to get this one! I know someone will treasure this!” I like to think that it’s hiding in a dark corner of our website and just has not been discovered yet..but it truly is a special piece.

and there’s more…

This next piece comes from one of our favorite local artists, Marian Stonacek. She throws pottery, makes beautiful jewelry, and supplies us with our fantastic line of enameled copper pendants. This lime green double-drilled pendant is NEW to our lineup. I couldn’t resist the little bike design!

Enameled Copper Pendant

Finally, this beauty. We just recently added a small array of porcelain pendants to our website. All of these pendants were hand-crafted by an artist in Washington, USA. They are comprised of high fired porcelain and a French clay powder that produces a glass-like effect when fired at high temperatures. Good quality stuff. Back to this piece though…I had a really hard time not keeping this owl for myself! It is double-drilled on the wings, and I imagine it hanging nicely with chain. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind piece!   ~ EmilyOwl Porcelain Pendant

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I would love the owl for my daughters wedding
It is so mystical & majestic.

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Spontaneous creator or meticulous planner?

I am the latter in all aspects of my life. Very type “A”.  I like rules and such.

I always have to plan out my projects before I assemble.  I look at all of my materials for a while, brainstorm, take a break, come back, and then begin.  Sometimes this process takes a few days or so of planning until the idea is fully formed in my head. It probably takes longer than necessary for me to create sometimes, but it’s my process.  As long as the end result is awesome, right?

Are you a planner or do you make it up as you go?



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