Help Earthquake Victims in Nepal! Dear Friends, We are deeply shocked and saddened by the devastation caused from the earthquake in Nepal. As many of you know, we travel to Nepal regularly to purchase beads and pendants; and over time we have created a lasting bond with many of the craftspeople and merchants that we work with, hotel...

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Funky Friday - Mala Counters *phew!* It's Friday! And *whew!* You wouldn't believe all the information I just gathered about these fine mala counters. I have to admit, even though I have worked at Happy Mango Beads for over a year, I am still learning new things about some of our ethnic beads. I suppose that is one of the best...

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What's in your Bead Burrito? If you are a Happy Mango Beads customer, I'm sure you are familiar with what a "bead burrito" looks like. You also probably prefer it to an edible burrito! There's no greater feeling than finally receiving that burrito in the mail and getting to unveil it's contents. As one of the shipping specialists...

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Beetle Scarab With all of the traveling that our beads have done it is no wonder there are stories galore to be learned, heard and shared. On this occasion, I was interested in learning more about why these certain pendants were called scarabs and why do they have a beetle on them? Scarabs were first created and...

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Your Thoughts on our 'Throwback Thursday'! We ran a promotion recently where YOU had to tell us your best 'Remember When' story. Emily's 'Remember When' story was, "Remember when snake was the only game you could play on your phone?" Well, we asked for it and you guys delivered - Read through, reminisce and have a little chuckle! 1) Remember...

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50 Shades of Gary – A Note From Gary

Dear Fans,

*whimper* I have something to confess…

I’m not going to have a new blog up for a tiny bit! I know you all are jonesing for the next installment of “50 Shades of Gary“, but I haven’t done laundry in a while. Some of the colors you haven’t seen yet, I wear on the weekends (when I’m rolling in dirt and mud! *ruff!*), so I need to get them washed up and presentable for you. With my stubby little arms, it takes awhile to get anything done, so bear with me.

I promise I’ll be back, but I need to get more soap, and I’m waiting for it to stop raining so I can hang my clothes out to dry! *grrr*

For now, just continue visiting Happy Mango Beads and keeping my mom and her friends busy!

Will you forgive me?
Love, Gary

50 Shades of Gary

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Millefiori Beads: Millions of Flowers

We love beads that come from faraway places and none have as rich a history as our Millefiori Glass Beads! The term Millefiori describes a glasswork technique with a specific pattern and is a Happy Mango Beadscombination of two Italian words: “milli” meaning thousand and “fiori” meaning flowers. Before this term was created, beads like these were called Mosaic.

Mosaic or millefiori beads are wound beads which have been decorated with thin slices of drawn canes. What is a cane, you ask? Cane-working is a glassblowing technique that is used to add color or patterns to other pieces of blown glass. It is made by either layering different colors on top of each other, while keeping the glass hot, or is made into just one color. Canes are typically made into long rods in which the layered patterns and different colors can only be seen at the very end of the rod. These are then typically cut into smaller pieces and molded into beads.

The making of this glass dates back to Ancient Roman times, but the technical knowledge for creating millefiori was lost by the eighteenth century. The revival of this technique happened in the nineteenth century; Factories in Italy, France and England were quick to begin production again.

Do you use beads like these in your designs? What are your favorite types of beads to use?

Happy Mango Beads

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50 Shades of Gary – Part 11


Gary, one of the warehouse dogs here at Happy Mango Beads, has become quite the fashionista. With a growing wardrobe of bandanas, Gary loves to surprise all the Mangoes with his favorite color of the day. I knew he was on to something when I would pull orders that matched his “outfit” and I have taken inspiration from Gary’s choices. Enjoy!

Part 11
Golden Yellow:

Yellow is one of the primary colors on the color-wheel, acting as a catalyst for many other colors. It is the color of gold, butter, and lemons, and is often associated with amusement, optimism, and spontaneity. It was one of the first colors used in prehistoric cave art, made from the yellow ochre pigment found in clay. The cave of Lascaux has an image of a horse colored with yellow estimated to be 17,300 years old. In ancient Mayan culture, it was the color for the direction South. It is associated with gold, giving it an eternal and indestructible aura. In the 20th century, it was a color of exclusion; Jews in Nazi-Germany were required to sew yellow stars onto their clothing to distinguish them from others. It is a color of high visibility and thus, used in road signs, stop lights, and turn signals. It signals caution, rather than danger. In the year 2000, Coldplay came out with a worldwide-famous single entitled, “Yellow.” Also, taxicabs and school buses are often yellow as it is the easiest color to see from a distance.

Gary, what does yellow remind you of?
My favorite ball!! I love that ball. I chew on it and fetch it all the time. I can always tell when it’s stuck under the sofa, because there’s that bright glimmer of yellow hiding under there. Just takes a little whimper before someone will get it for me (my short arms just don’t do the trick). 😉

50 Shades of GaryWhat is your favorite thing about the color yellow? Does it inspire any of your designs?

Stay tuned for more “50 Shades of Gary”! And if you missed the last one, check it out here!

Beads and materials pictured include amber beads, an enameled copper pendant, an Indonesian center bead, African metal beads, resin beads, crow beads, sandcast beads, vinyl disc beads, recycled glass beads, amber mala beads with turquoise and coral inlay, Javanese glass beads, and leather lace.

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Comments (5)

I enjoyed this blog. I’ve been looking for yellow beads to incorporate in some of my designs. Yellow is such a happy color. It tends to brighten your day.

Thanks for your comment, Toni! We love yellow, too…and I know we have plenty of yellow beads to satisfy your needs! We appreciate you being such a loyal customer! <3

I love this blog. You wrote so many interesting things about the color yellow. And Gary’s assurance that someone will help him if his yellow ball is under the couch is very touching!

Thanks for your comment, Theresa! I love doing research on each color! There are so many things to learn… And Gary knows that you would probably help him get his ball, too… It’s his way of playing – make the humans fetch the ball!

[…] have a new blog up for a tiny bit! I know you all are jonesing for the next installment of “50 Shades of Gary“, but I haven’t done laundry in a while. Some of the colors you haven’t seen yet, […]

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Conquer Beader’s Block


We all have ‘em, don’t we? Those days where it seems you have lost all of your creative power and the beader’s block sets in. Those particular days seem to drag and it can be easy to talk yourself down because, ‘why aren’t you being creative right now?!’ Don’t stress. Here are 4 tips to help get you back into your groove:

1) Change your perspective:  Take some space both mentally (and physically!) from your work. Reading a book, writing a blog post, taking a short trip, or just taking a walk around your neighborhood can help you re-set and re-charge. Try working in a new location, like a local coffee shop. Or go for an adventure and get out in nature to clear your mind. Sometimes you have to mix it up for creativity to have the space to strike!

2) Become a Jill (or Jack) of all Art Trades:  If you’re feeling a little burned out on your current passion, take up something new and exciting! Art takes many forms so try painting, writing, metal work, knitting, wood working, playing music (so many options!) to get your mind thinking a-new! This can take your creativity to a whole new level because of the many new outlets it will have to think and problem solve.

3) Play!  Don’t take yourself too seriously and just go with what feels right. Think of the craziest final product you can and tone it back from there. Try taking the perspective of someone else and how they may come up with the solution. Remember that nothing is set in stone. By doing this you may find your creation will come out not how you originally imagined, but even better!

4) Don’t rush:  Don’t beat yourself up if you think something is taking ‘too long’ to come together. See all challenges as opportunities and remember, creativity is not a competition. Deep down, you know that you’re just waiting for yourself to come up with the best idea you have!

Believe it or not, creativity takes practice and even though you may think it, you are not going to run out of this super power!

And meanwhile… visit us at Happy Mango Beads for a little inspiration so you can start getting those creative juices flowing!

You can't use up creativity!

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Love your new blog! I’ve been ordering from you guys for a few years now and I’m always very satisfied with your service and quality of beads. Thank you for being the best!

Aw, shucks. Thanks, Kris! We appreciate your feedback and are happy you are happy!

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How they’re made: Czech Glass Beads

The Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) is constantly at the forefront of the bead making industry.  How are these beautiful glass beads made?   What’s the difference between table cut, fire polished and pressed glass?  Well, we’ve got the low down for you, CZECH IT OUT below!

How Czech Glass Beads are Made

In a nutshell:
1. Melt glass cane in a hot furnace to create molten glass.
2. Pour molten glass into molds.
3. Insert needle to create a hole.
4. Tumble to break off excess glass and smooth beads.

Now you have pressed Czech glass beads.

5. Put pressed glass beads into faceting machine.
6. Place beads in hot oven to melt surfaces.

With 2 sides faceted, you have table cut (window cut) Czech glass beads.
With all sides faceted, you have fire polished Czech glass beads.

Don’t forget, Happy Mango Beads has your Czech glass bead needs!Czech Glass Beads


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