Dystonia & Beading UPDATE: A few years ago Happy Mango Beads got involved in 7,000 Bracelets for Hope. The goal was to raise awareness and funds for over 7,000 rare diseases. All of which lacked awareness and the necessary funding for research, translating to no cures for most of these obscure diseases. The bracelet...

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Milagro Charms Now that we know more about Native American fetishes, let's take a look at these Latin American religious charms! Historically, Milagros accompanied the Spanish to Latin America. Milagros, translating to "miracles", are a Latin American religious folk tradition that are offered as a tool for healing....

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What is a Fetish? First a '50 Shades of Gray' reference and now we're bringing up fetishes?? You might think we're getting a little wild this week here at Happy Mango Beads, but don't be fooled. We're always a little crazy! A fetish is a carving that is believed to have power. Fetishes have been used by all southwestern...

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Chile Fire Relief UPDATE! I am sure that the devastating hill fire that struck Valparaiso, Chile in April is still very fresh on many minds around the globe, especially those living in the burned region. On June 25th, Happy Mango Beads sent $500 to a trusted friend in Valparaiso, and here is Samuel's most recent report: "The...

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Crayola ain't got nothin' on us Contrary to popular belief, coming up with the color name of beads is hard work. It is especially hard when you're working on a whole bunch of similar beads at one time! How does one even decide what is butterscotch, creme brulee, or tapioca? (It just makes me want a snack.) You can now search all of...

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Which collection do you prefer?

Well, I couldn’t choose just one favorite order this week, you all are very talented when it comes to selecting your beads! These two orders especially inspired me.

Featuring our new silk ribbon, the first order flaunts a fresh, cheerful take on a fall color palette.
Happy Mango Beads

Next up, including our lampwork and recycled glass beads (which are currently on sale!), the second order offers a more subdued and peaceful collection.
Happy Mango Beads

Which do you prefer?

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Autumn inspired beads are this week’s FAVORITE!

Looking for some autumnal inspiration?? In our new “Order of the Week” segment, we can offer just that! This order combines a wonderful array of orange and amber hues, along with the greens that remain from those summer leaves that aren’t quite ready to turn. Combining a range of beads, from wood to resin, and glass to cotton-wrapped beads, this order made me so happy as I pulled each strand from around the warehouse, that I have deemed it the best “Order of the Week”!

Who knows, maybe your order will pop up here next time…let’s see what you’ve got!

Happy Mango Beads

See? Doesn’t this order remind you of Fall? I stole this photo from Emily’s photography Facebook page.

Emily Sierra Photography

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Gyan Mudra

If you have ever meditated or taken a yoga class, you have likely put your thumb and index finger together in the Gyan Mudra. This hand posture has a deep significance planted in a variety of religions and traditions as you may have seen spiritual figures such as Guru Nanak (Sikhism), Christ (Christianity, Catholicism), Buddha (Buddhism) and Mahavir (Jainism) depicted artistically with this hand posture. This hand posture is thought to ease depression and tension by stimulating the root chakra, the base chakra with grounding qualities bringing one back to Earth. Do you have to be religious in any form to practice this posture? Of course not!

Happy Mango Beads offers a pendant made of brass imitating the Gyan Mudra. This pendant is perfect for anyone looking to be a little more grounded in their day-to-day life. Looking for other ways to balance your chakras? Read about the ways gemstones can balance and cleanse the chakras.
Happy Mango Beads

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17 Uses for a Genuine Plated Leaf Pendant

If you haven’t seen these Plated Genuine Leaf Pendants at Happy Mango Beads you are surely missing out. These unique pendants are produced by soaking each leaf in a special solution that dissolves the fleshy parts of the leaf leaving the veins and skeleton intact. The leaf is then coated with varnish to preserve and stiffen and make it easier to handle. The surface is then painted with a copper based paint that conducts electricity. Once the natural surface is coated with the copper a metal is electroformed (or electroplated) onto the leaf. The result is a beautiful leaf that is preserved in fine silver (99.9% purse silver), copper or 24k gold.

Here are 17 things we thought of that you could use these pendants for:

1) Napkin ring embellishment

2) Scarf tie

3) Bookmark dangleHappy Mango Beads - Leaf Pendant

4) As earrings

5) Gift wrap embellishment

6) Ornament

7) On a necklace

8) In a wreath

9) As a lapel pin

10) On a bracelet

11) With a Thanksgiving center piece

12) As fall mantel decorations

13) On a candle

14) Rear-view mirror decoration

15) As a curtain tie-back

16) On a dog collar – (You know we love our pups here at Happy Mango Beads.)

17) As a ceiling fan pull

What other ways would you use these Leaf Pendants?

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Order UP!


I have the privilege of viewing all of the wonderful beads our customers order, every day of the week. Sometimes, I see a combination of beads that really impresses and inspires me, and I’m always curious to know what is going to be created from it. Courtney and I discussed this, and decided we need to start featuring some of these orders, just because they are so dang pretty!

So kudos to those of you who really know your colors, and are obviously making beautiful jewelry from our unique beads. I am constantly motivated by your creativity. Please share your goodies on our Facebook page or in our inbox…we LOVE to see what you make!

A couple of my favorites from today’s order lineup include some Indonesian glass beads, African metal beads, African trade beads and some African clay beads.

Happy Mango Beads Happy Mango Beads

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Love this feature! The pictures are nice inspiration.

I’m glad!! They are for me as well. We’ll keep picking an “order (or two) of the week” so you can continually be inspired. :D

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