Beetle Scarab With all of the traveling that our beads have done it is no wonder there are stories galore to be learned, heard and shared. On this occasion, I was interested in learning more about why these certain pendants were called scarabs and why do they have a beetle on them? Scarabs were first created and...

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Your Thoughts on our 'Throwback Thursday'! We ran a promotion recently where YOU had to tell us your best 'Remember When' story. Emily's 'Remember When' story was, "Remember when snake was the only game you could play on your phone?" Well, we asked for it and you guys delivered - Read through, reminisce and have a little chuckle! 1) Remember...

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THANK YOU for Supporting Fire Victims in Chile! Happy Mango Beads launched a fundraiser almost a year ago (last April) to support fire victims in Valparaiso, Chile. With your help, we raised $500.00 selling little "chanchitos" through our website. The money that we sent down was used to purchase coats and blankets for those who were displaced during...

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Bead Therapy We’ve all been there; the post-break up craft project, the piece we’ve been working on for months that suddenly has to be completed behind closed doors once the in-laws arrive. Good news everyone! We’re not just avoiding and dodging the less fun parts of life, we are effectively self-medicating. When...

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Hello, 2015. Another year is coming to a close and it is, once again, time we look to the future and set goals for ourselves. I love the New Year because it feels fresh; it feels like a blank slate. Exercising more, reading & writing more, spending more time with friends & family and seeing new places are...

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Funky Friday – Dzi Agate Beads

It’s Funky Friday, here at Happy Mango Beads!  Did you know that we offer a ton of funky beads and pendants, and they even have their own page on our website?  Some of these are completely one of a kind, and you won’t find them anywhere else!Dzi Agate - Funky Friday

For instance, have you ever checked out our Dzi Agate Beads from Nepal?  They are super funky, and all completely unique!

Dzi (pronounced “zee”) beads are popular in many Asian cultures, including Tibet, and are thought to provide spiritual benefits.  They are even sometimes ground into a powder and used as medicine.  The meaning of the word “Dzi” in Tibetan translates to “shine, brightness, or splendor.”

Many times, designs are carved into these beads, however all of the ones that we offer are simply lightly polished, showing the natural banding of the agate, which is remarkably beautiful.

If you’re looking to add a little funk to your Friday, pick some of these up NOW!  They also happen to be on sale, 25% off thru March 30!

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Empowerment and Growth with Beads

Outreach Uganda (1)Outreach Uganda is a non-profit organization that is doing some serious good in the world. They are bringing hope and empowerment to the women of Northern Uganda by helping them create their own businesses in bead making. In the recent years, entire communities have been rebuilding and reestablishing their lives in Uganda after the conclusion of the 20 year war in 2008. There are currently three groups of women in three different villages of Uganda, totaling more than 200 women, who are making beads. Outreach Uganda is striving to help the Acholi population rise up from poverty and continue moving forward and rebuilding their lives. These Ugandan women are responsible for the entire operation of their bead businesses including locating the paper they will use, cutting the paper into the appropriate sizes and actually rolling the beads. paper around a needle to make the actual bead. The beads are then strung onto a fishing line and treated with three coats of lacquer. Rainy weather often delays this already time consuming process because the lacquer must be completely dry between each coat. When complete, the beads are then strung to make the final necklace! Not only are these women working to provide for their own families, many times being the only financial providers, but they are also banded together to help improve their entire communities. Each group has spearheaded different projects that have included the rebuilding of schools for the children in their community and providing training on skilled trades for other members of the community. These trades include bead making, scarf dying, computer skills and also offering English lessons. One group also spearheaded a ‘goat and poultry project’ to help provide a sustainable food source. Happy Mango Beads is passionate about fair trade and we strive to help improve the lives of the people we do business with and those we encounter during our travels. It is inspiring to hear of other businesses who are trying to help improve the lives of people around the world, too! Please visit the Outreach Uganda website to learn more about their mission and the great things that each of these groups of women are accomplishing. You can purchase beads that were handmade by these Ugandan women by visiting the Recycled Paper Beads page on our website. All profits from these items are returned to the women who made them. Enjoy the photos below!

Photo courtesy of Outreach Uganda Photo courtesy of Outreach Uganda Photo courtesy of Outreach Uganda Photo courtesy of Outreach Uganda Photo courtesy of Outreach Uganda

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Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Spring is just around the corner! Time for some light-hearted creations!

Hello everyone!  My name is Amanda and I am new to the Happy Mango Beads family.  It is wonderful to have the opportunity to work with such a caring company.  One of my favorite things to do is to see the design magic that unfolds as I pull each of your orders.  The different styles and color combinations people create from all around the world is simply inspiring to me as an artist.  As part of my day, if I come across an order that speaks to me, I am able to showcase my favorite order of the week on this blog.  This week I came across the order below that seemed to sing spring!

Spring order of the weekAre you ready?  Make sure you stock up on all the wonderful styles we have to decorate yourself as beautifully as the world around you!  This order showcases our popular Sandcast Beads, Lampwork beads and Clay Charms.  These are just a few examples to get you started.

If you already have created something amazing, please share!  I’d love to see what you all are creating!

Thanks for reading my first blog!  Until next time,


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Beetle Scarab

Egyptian ScarabWith all of the traveling that our beads have done it is no wonder there are stories galore to be learned, heard and shared. On this occasion, I was interested in learning more about why these certain pendants were called scarabs and why do they have a beetle on them?

Scarabs were first created and very popular in ancient Egypt during the Middle Kingdom (approx. 2000 BCE) and far beyond. Originally made to honor the sun god, Ra, the beetle scarab is created in the image of the dung beetle because this beetle rolls its food into a ball and then also uses this ball of food to lay their eggs. In ancient Egyptian religion, Ra the sun god is believed to carry and roll the sun from sunrise to sunset each day bringing new life. Often times, in sculptures and drawings of Ra, he is depicted with a beetle head or other body parts. The beetle scarab can be detailed or more basic but most times the head, wing case and legs are present in the amulet.Egyptian Scarab

Beetle scarabs were created by the thousands and were used in many ways. Some were drilled through so they could be worn as jewelry, such as on a necklace or as a ring. Others had inscriptions etched onto the bottom side to be used as a seal or marker for administrative purposes and important documents. It was common for the scarabs to have the names of Pharaohs and other royal’s engraved on the bottom as well. Many were used by the Pharaohs to mark achievements during their reign and to send to their people as government propaganda.

These scarabs were made from Egyptian faience or would have been carved from stone. What is Faience, you ask? It is a ceramic material, made in the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and nearby civilizations 3,500 plus years ago. It is considered to be the precursor to glass (glass is melted completely in production). Faience is made of a combination of silica material (i.e. ground quartz or sand), lime, soda and water. Its glaze is predominantly bright blue and wears away with time and use to reveal its porous gray-white core (susceptible to erosion and staining).

Although the beetle scarab was not a funerary object, Egyptian scarabs known as heart scarabs, pectoral scarabs and naturalistic scarabs were commonly included within Egyptian tombs as being protective amulets in various ways.

Egyptian ScarabIn addition to Beetle Scarabs, Happy Mango Beads carries several Egyptian pewter pendants, including the Ankh! Do you use Egyptian or ancient types of pieces in your designs??



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Your Thoughts on our ‘Throwback Thursday’!


Trade Beads - Happy Mango BeadsWe ran a promotion recently where YOU had to tell us your best ‘Remember When’ story. Emily’s ‘Remember When’ story was, “Remember when snake was the only game you could play on your phone?”

Well, we asked for it and you guys delivered – Read through, reminisce and have a little chuckle!

1) Remember when kids played outdoors all day during the summer?

2) Remember when your phone was something connected to your wall with a cord, and had a dial?

3) Remember POGS?

4) Remember when you could get Fruitopia from nearly every vending machine?

5) Remember when merry-go-rounds were on playgrounds?

6) Remember when everything on the Dollar Menu at McDonalds was actually a dollar?

7) Remember when the only alcohol in the house was in Arthur Godfrey’s Geritol?

8) Remember when there were only paper bags in the produce section of the supermarket?

9) I remember when I made one of my favorite bracelets from a free bag of beads from Happy MANGO BEADS!

10) Remember when you had to be home in the summer time before the street lights came on?

11) Remember when you’d pick up the phone to make a call, and you’d have to wait because somebody else was already on your “party line”???

12) Remember when we used to wear jelly bracelets?

13) I remember when….no internet, no bead suppliers like Happy Mango…..I made little bread dough beads and baked them to make jewelry….DECADES ago! Still have a few!Czech Glass Beads

14) I remember making my first Malas (making Malas is why I order so much from you!)….first in Denver under the tutelage of my Nepali friend, Sarita. Then on an island in Belize to yoga students. And now to a growing community in NC and beyond! Grateful to have Happy Mango Beads to help me be able to keep doing what I love so much. Thank you! Namaste.

15) Remember when you had to use a card catalog in the library to look up books?

16) Do you remember when you were little and you could pick up a land line phone in one room and spy on your mom/dad’s conversation going on in the next? :D I think the 90s was the last decade kids could get away with that!

17) Remember PONG? The first video game!

18) Remember when we used to change the radio station by turning an AM/FM knob to scan for stations? And now we do it with just our thumb (on iPods, etc).

19) Remember when you had to go to a movie store (like Blockbuster) to rent a movie?

20) Remember when floppy discs were useful?

21) Remember when you had to leave your house to buy things?

22) Remember when the only phone in the house was attached to the kitchen wall and everyone in the family heard your conversations?

Bamboo Wood Beads - Happy Mango Beads23) Remember yesterday and how you wanted stories of remember when? Well, I remember when I started this order and it was then!! ;) It takes a long time to look through all of your goodies!!

24) Remember when it was cool to know all of the words to the song American Pie?

25) Remember when MTV actually played music?

Don’t forget to visit Happy Mango Beads for more beads, Beads, BEADS!

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Gosh those were all so great! I think many of us are dating ourselves! I think I was going to contribute that one of my first bead ahah moments was having a conundrum on what pattern to sew on my Bluebird vest after earning my different colored beads and shapes!!!

Hi, Joan! That is great! Thank you so much for following the Happy Mango Beads Blog!

Thank you. Brought back a lot of memories. Particularly coming in with the street lights coming on. I used to get in trouble because I didn’t pay attention and came in late, all the time. Miss those days. Of course kids used to play outside.

Hi, Heather! We’re glad you enjoyed reading this post and all of the ‘Throwback’ memories. Thank you for following the Happy Mango Beads Blog!

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