Buying Sandcast Glass Beads in Ghana, Africa

While traveling in Ghana, Africa we were told of a small village near Kumasi where beads are made using old, discarded (recycled) glass.  We drove out to the village and found it to be small and simple, more like a large family compound.  The only water source was a well, located in the center of the complex.  At least a dozen happy children followed us everywhere we went.  They laughed at us and teased us, we were a novelty to them.  We talked to the village “father” and he told us there had been no work in many months and they would be happy to make us some beads.  He then  instructed us to return the next day and confirm.  We suspect he was testing us to be sure we were serious.  We returned on the second day to make the deal and then left with a chicken, a REAL LIVE CHICKEN, it was a gift.  And so – with the help of all the residents of the village, they made us thousands and thousands of sandcast glass beads.

Beadmaking Village in Ghana, Africa

Mold made of sand. The wooden skewers burn out leaving a hole in the bead.

Outdoor earthen oven for firing the glass beads.

Grinding the beads to remove rough edges.

Close up, grinding a bead.

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