Jewelry Inspiration – Cinco de Mayo Edition

Whether you celebrate it with a family fiesta, garnished with salsa and margaritas, or you feel empowered by the more cultural meaning of the special day, have no doubt Cinco de Mayo is embraced in many homes across the Americas.  Personally, this time of year, I am reminded of the months I spent in Mexico as a child – and the bold, vibrant colors that surrounded me along with the rich, elegant turquoise that was born from the ground we walked on.

So, with that in mind, I bring you Happy Mango Bead’s Cinco de Mayo edition of inspirational jewelry!

Ethnic Mexican rainbow statement necklace by JustineJustine : Happy Mango Beads Blog

Ethnic Mexican Rainbow Statement Necklace by Justine Justine

This stunning ethnic Mexican statement necklace by Justine Justine is made out of Brazilian beads that come from a fruit called Acai (known for their energy boosting effect).  It can be found on Etsy here.

Pacifico Beer Bottle Cap Earrings by Tiny Mayor's Cap Art : Happy Mango Beads Blog

Pacifico Beer Bottle Cap Earrings by Tiny Mayor’s Cap Art

These upcycled earrings by Tiny Mayor’s Cap Art are made from Pacifico beer bottle caps. Decorative beads surround the cap, and a dangling bead flower is at the bottom. Bottom of the cap is decoupaged with a Pacifico label and small red, yellow, and green beads cover the stick. Earrings will spin so both sides will show.  Find them on Etsy here.

Bright colored beaded stretch bracelets by Rock and Hardware : Happy Mango Beads Blog

Bright Colored Beaded Bracelet Stack by Rock and Hardware

These brightly colored beaded stretch bracelets (4 in all!) by Rock and Hardware Jewelry feature yellow limestone beads, coral beads, multi-colored glass beads, antiqued bronze beads, and Bayong wood tube beads.  Wear it with the Pacifico beer cap earrings above??  Find these bracelets on Etsy here.

Nacozari Mexico turquoise necklace by Lonsome Road West : Happy Mango Beads Blog

Nacozari Mexico turquoise necklace by Lonesome Road West

Aptly called “Earth and Sky” or “Tierra y Cielo” this one-of-a-kind necklace by Lonesome Road Studio is made of premium chunky Nacozari turquoise from Mexico combined with a rustic pure silver sun pendant.  Find it on Etsy here.

Cinco de Mayo leather wrap bracelet by Lobsterpirate : Happy Mango Beads Blog

Cinco de Mayo Leather Wrap Bracelet by Lobsterpirate

This “Cinco de Mayo” wrap bracelet by Lobster Pirate Jewelry is made with turquoise and magnasite dyed in the most festive of colors, perfect for a fiesta!  Sewn on soft dark brown leather it closes with an antique sterling silver button and an added a small white cross charm.  Find it on Etsy here.

Chunky Copal Turquoise Handmade Beaded Necklace by Shadow Dog Designs : Happy Mango Beads Blog

Chunky Copal Turquoise Handmade Beaded Necklace by Shadow Dog Designs

Cleverly titled “Sonoran Sunrise” by Shadow Dog Designs is an exquisite handmade necklace that is sure to brighten up your day every time you put this beauty on! Created with graduated copal resin rondelles, turquoise and sterling silver, it is a one of a kind beaded necklace more on the bold, chunky side.  Find it on Artfire here.

Rose and Pearl earrings by Rebecca Klisser : Happy Mango Beads Blog

Rose and Pearl earrings by Rebecca Klisser

These Cinco de Mayo inspired earrings by Facebook fan, Rebecca Klisser, are layered with roses, draped with a pearl, and host beautiful gold accents.

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