DIY Lightbox for Jewelry Photography


So, you make lovely pieces of jewelry and you’re looking to sell it, awesome!  If you are going beyond selling your work on location and are looking to have it available for online purchase, we highly recommend taking a little extra time and effort to make your photos as beautiful as the jewelry you are advertising.

What do we use here at Happy Mango Beads?  A homemade light box that I crafted with the steps made available from Digital Photography School. This tutorial takes you through the steps of building a very handy, inexpensive light box.

DIY Light Box : Happy Mango Beads Blog

Beyond the tutorial, you can make your light box as snazzy as you wish!  We will take this design and upgrade to a wood light box soon.

The Ethiopian Wedding Rings below were photographed in the Happy Mango light box. Ethiopian Wedding Rings : Happy Mango Beads Blog

Best of luck with your photoshoots!


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Thank you for this wonderful advise. We are new to the world of photographing our jewelry. Just started selling on ETSY this week. Wow, got to sell to support my bead addiction. I really appreciate your help and your beads…all your gorgeous beads!

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