Bead Therapy We’ve all been there; the post-break up craft project, the piece we’ve been working on for months that suddenly has to be completed behind closed doors once the in-laws arrive. Good news everyone! We’re not just avoiding and dodging the less fun parts of life, we are effectively self-medicating. When...

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Hello, 2015. Another year is coming to a close and it is, once again, time we look to the future and set goals for ourselves. I love the New Year because it feels fresh; it feels like a blank slate. Exercising more, reading & writing more, spending more time with friends & family and seeing new places are...

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Notes From a Bookworm I just completed the book ‘Wanderlust: A Love Affair with 5 Continents’ by Elizabeth Eaves. Happy Mango was essentially created because of Dan & Rudi’s love for travel. They have traveled far and wide to bring back some of the coolest beads, pendants & amulets from all over the world. The...

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Beads, Candles & Smells In the fall and winter I really go crazy for candles that smell like baking, sweets and all other warm, 'hibernating-like' good smells. As I walked around my house last night lighting all of my candles I passed by my favorite candle holder and realized, 'Hey! Those are beads on there!". I have had this...

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Happy (beaded) Slipper Day!’s one of “those” days...a slipper day. Yes, I brought my house-slippers to the Happy Mango Beads warehouse, making it a warehouse-slipper-day. I’m not sure you all realize how wonderful it is to work for this company. We have all heard the phrase, “no shirt, no shoes, no service,”...

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A Minty Menagerie

Well, it’s that time again – Girl Scout cookie season.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been craving Thin Mints for months!  But have you looked at the list of ingredients??  Artificial flavors, artificial colors, and several other ingredients that I don’t believe I (or you) should be ingesting.  There is an awesome solution to this problem, though: make your own!  While slightly labor intensive and time-consuming (let’s face it, you’re probably a beader so this shouldn’t be a problem), it is so worth it to have fresh, home-made cookies with normal ingredients.  Plus, you can have them year-round!

So put down your beads (I know, I know….) and put on your apron, because this recipe will change your life.  (Note: I use a mix of Andes mints and chocolate chips along with butter for the coating, and I actually dip the cookies in the melted mixture so they are fully covered, instead of the drizzle just being on top.)

Once you have a batch of cookies made, and are stuffed because you just ate a baker’s dozen by yourself…invite some friends over!  You can impress them with your amazing home-made thin mints, and have a beading bash with these awesome thin-mint-inspired beads!  Is it just me or do mint green and chocolate brown go together like cookies and milk?

If you or your friends need some assistance or inspiration, Happy Mango Beads now offers kits, with instructions and materials included, to get you started.  Or just compile your own selection of beads and see what you come up with!  One thing’s for sure: if you use these colors, you just might want to eat all of your hard work, which is why you need to make the cookies first…


Beads and materials pictured include “The Grasshopper” Kit, brown and tan leather lace, pearl beads, bone beads, glass rondelles, bronzite, lampwork beads, glazed porcelain beads, crystal glass, wood beads, Czech glass, an enameled copper pendant, and a glazed ceramic pendant.

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50 Shades of Gary – A Series


Gary, one of the warehouse dogs here at Happy Mango Beads, has become quite the fashionista.  With a growing wardrobe of bandanas, Gary loves to surprise all the Mangoes with his favorite color of the day.  I knew he was on to something when I would pull orders that matched his “outfit” and I have taken inspiration from Gary’s choices.  So without further ado, I introduce to you “50 Shades of Gary – A Series” (not to be confused with 50 Shades of Grey…Jasper).  Enjoy!

Part 1
Cornflower Blue:

Cornflower blue is a shade of medium-to-light blue with a tint of purple, and little to no green.  This hue was one of the favorites of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.  Crayola introduced cornflower blue to its box of 48 crayons in 1949.  It is also mentioned at least once in all of Chuck Palahniuk’s novels.

What is your favorite thing about this shade of blue?
This blue is very calming.  It relaxes me and makes me want to take a nap.  Don’t you agr…z…….z…..zzz…….



What is YOUR favorite thing about cornflower blue?
What is your absolute favorite color? (Maybe Gary will wear it for you!)

Stay tuned for more shades of Gary!

Beads and materials pictured include a porcelain pendant, blue crystal glass beads, denim blue round beads, glazed porcelain beads, recycled glass beads, painted sandcast beads, and denim blue silk cord.

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My favourite thing that is cornflower blue, is the flower itself. My favourite colour is red.

I agree, Heather – the flower is beautiful!

And Gary loves red, too. He has a couple different shades of red “outfits” so stay tuned!

My favorite thing about cornflower blue is that it is similar to my favorite color which is periwinkle!

Please tell the “bloggist,” OUTSTANDING concept, writing and images!!

Thank you, Phyllis! Stay tuned for more of this series! My guess is…Gary gets even cuter.

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January Birthstone: Garnet!


Garnet Beads - Happy Mango BeadsHappy Birthday to all of you January babies!  The official birthstone for the month of January, Garnet, is incredibly beautiful and has a long and colorful history.

Garnet was used as far back as the Bronze Age in the former Czechoslovakia. It was used in Egypt more than 5000 years ago and in Ancient Sumeria and in Sweden between 1000 and 2100B.C.  Garnets were also popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans. In North America it was used as ornamentation by the Aztecs and other Native American civilizations. According to the Talmud, the only light on Noah’s ark was provided by a Garnet. In Bohemia, as early as 1500B.C. there was an entire jewelry making industry in operation that centered-around Garnets and a version of that industry is still in operation today.

Garnet is said to get its name from the Latin word “alum granatum”, meaning pomegranate, no doubt, due to the resemblance of this juicy red gem to pomegranate seeds. While it is most commonly red, it can be found in a variety of colors. For centuries there have been many metaphysical properties attributed to Garnet. It has been said to offer Garnet Beads - Happy Mango Beadsprotection or relief from tension, exhaustion, depression or anxiety, nightmares, sorrow and it is thought to create a protective shield that can turn away evil. It is said to signify strength and health and is reputed to boost endurance when taking on arduous tasks.

For more gemstone information visit our Gemstone Info page at Happy Mango Beads!

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Very Beautiful & Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this.

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Hello, 2015.

Another year is coming to a close and it is, once again, time we look to the future and set goals for ourselves. I love the New Year because it feels fresh; it feels like a blank slate. Exercising more, reading & writing more, Happy Mango Beads - Pearlsspending more time with friends & family and seeing new places are always at the top of my list of resolutions. I also try to live by a phrase that I think I originally saw on Pinterest, but I’m not sure. The phrase is: Have less. Do more. Be more.  I think it’s all encompassing. (Psst..if you know of who this is quoting, please let me know!)

Things we want to do and love to do often get a back seat to things we ‘have to’ do. This will always be the case unless we make time for what we love to do. I think we all already know this.

For the New Year, I challenge everyone to do something that they love to do MORE. If making jewelry is currently a hobby but you want to begin selling your pieces, look into Etsy, Artfire or maybe even a local shop around you to see where you could get started. If you just want more time for your hobby, try starting a beading group in your area where you get together once a month and share your finished projects and just BEAD together! If you want to learn to make jewelry, go for it! Happy Mango has several beading supplies and jewelry kits that can get you started with step by step instruction, too!

Cotton BeadsSo, what are you making a priority for 2015? What goals do you want to accomplish? What is on your ‘Someday’ list that could move up to the ‘Today’ list? There is no day like today.

Happy New Year, Ya’ll!

Love, The Happy Mango Crew


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Notes From a Bookworm

I just completed the book ‘Wanderlust: A Love Affair with 5 Continents’ by Elizabeth Eaves. Happy Mango was essentially created because of Dan & Rudi’s love for travel. They have traveled far and wide to bring back some of Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continentsthe coolest beads, pendants & amulets from all over the world. The stories they bring home with them are by far the best. You can read more about the Happy Mango travels here!

Wanderlust is about traveling to find yourself. It’s about wanting to know what adventures are out there and how the choices we make as we lead our lives through high school, through college and beyond, really do affect where we end up. Through her travels, Eaves tries to find answers to questions that I think we all wonder about at some point in our life, “What else is out there to see? What am I missing?” These decisions lead her to and from lovers, from continent to continent and ultimately to more and more important decisions that have to be made about where she wants her life to go. She has a severe thirst for travel and tells her story in a very real, captivating and honest way.

Looking for a quick and easy read? A gift for your most gypsy-like friend? This would be it.

P.S. – I would say this book is for those 18+, as there is some adult language.

Here are some great throwback photos of Dan and Rudi from their early travel, “wanderlust” days:

Happy Mango Beads

Dan in a working elephant camp in Thailand before it became a tourist attraction.


Rudi with her daughters riding camels in Morocco (Emily is the youngest one!)


Rudi with the Berlin wall.

Burmese Refugee

Dan with a Long Neck Burmese refugee in Thailand.

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