Beetle Scarab With all of the traveling that our beads have done it is no wonder there are stories galore to be learned, heard and shared. On this occasion, I was interested in learning more about why these certain pendants were called scarabs and why do they have a beetle on them? Scarabs were first created and...

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Your Thoughts on our 'Throwback Thursday'! We ran a promotion recently where YOU had to tell us your best 'Remember When' story. Emily's 'Remember When' story was, "Remember when snake was the only game you could play on your phone?" Well, we asked for it and you guys delivered - Read through, reminisce and have a little chuckle! 1) Remember...

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THANK YOU for Supporting Fire Victims in Chile! Happy Mango Beads launched a fundraiser almost a year ago (last April) to support fire victims in Valparaiso, Chile. With your help, we raised $500.00 selling little "chanchitos" through our website. The money that we sent down was used to purchase coats and blankets for those who were displaced during...

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Bead Therapy We’ve all been there; the post-break up craft project, the piece we’ve been working on for months that suddenly has to be completed behind closed doors once the in-laws arrive. Good news everyone! We’re not just avoiding and dodging the less fun parts of life, we are effectively self-medicating. When...

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Hello, 2015. Another year is coming to a close and it is, once again, time we look to the future and set goals for ourselves. I love the New Year because it feels fresh; it feels like a blank slate. Exercising more, reading & writing more, spending more time with friends & family and seeing new places are...

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Your Thoughts on our ‘Throwback Thursday’!


Trade Beads - Happy Mango BeadsWe ran a promotion recently where YOU had to tell us your best ‘Remember When’ story. Emily’s ‘Remember When’ story was, “Remember when snake was the only game you could play on your phone?”

Well, we asked for it and you guys delivered – Read through, reminisce and have a little chuckle!

1) Remember when kids played outdoors all day during the summer?

2) Remember when your phone was something connected to your wall with a cord, and had a dial?

3) Remember POGS?

4) Remember when you could get Fruitopia from nearly every vending machine?

5) Remember when merry-go-rounds were on playgrounds?

6) Remember when everything on the Dollar Menu at McDonalds was actually a dollar?

7) Remember when the only alcohol in the house was in Arthur Godfrey’s Geritol?

8) Remember when there were only paper bags in the produce section of the supermarket?

9) I remember when I made one of my favorite bracelets from a free bag of beads from Happy MANGO BEADS!

10) Remember when you had to be home in the summer time before the street lights came on?

11) Remember when you’d pick up the phone to make a call, and you’d have to wait because somebody else was already on your “party line”???

12) Remember when we used to wear jelly bracelets?

13) I remember when….no internet, no bead suppliers like Happy Mango…..I made little bread dough beads and baked them to make jewelry….DECADES ago! Still have a few!Czech Glass Beads

14) I remember making my first Malas (making Malas is why I order so much from you!)….first in Denver under the tutelage of my Nepali friend, Sarita. Then on an island in Belize to yoga students. And now to a growing community in NC and beyond! Grateful to have Happy Mango Beads to help me be able to keep doing what I love so much. Thank you! Namaste.

15) Remember when you had to use a card catalog in the library to look up books?

16) Do you remember when you were little and you could pick up a land line phone in one room and spy on your mom/dad’s conversation going on in the next? :D I think the 90s was the last decade kids could get away with that!

17) Remember PONG? The first video game!

18) Remember when we used to change the radio station by turning an AM/FM knob to scan for stations? And now we do it with just our thumb (on iPods, etc).

19) Remember when you had to go to a movie store (like Blockbuster) to rent a movie?

20) Remember when floppy discs were useful?

21) Remember when you had to leave your house to buy things?

22) Remember when the only phone in the house was attached to the kitchen wall and everyone in the family heard your conversations?

Bamboo Wood Beads - Happy Mango Beads23) Remember yesterday and how you wanted stories of remember when? Well, I remember when I started this order and it was then!! ;) It takes a long time to look through all of your goodies!!

24) Remember when it was cool to know all of the words to the song American Pie?

25) Remember when MTV actually played music?

Don’t forget to visit Happy Mango Beads for more beads, Beads, BEADS!

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Gosh those were all so great! I think many of us are dating ourselves! I think I was going to contribute that one of my first bead ahah moments was having a conundrum on what pattern to sew on my Bluebird vest after earning my different colored beads and shapes!!!

Hi, Joan! That is great! Thank you so much for following the Happy Mango Beads Blog!

Thank you. Brought back a lot of memories. Particularly coming in with the street lights coming on. I used to get in trouble because I didn’t pay attention and came in late, all the time. Miss those days. Of course kids used to play outside.

Hi, Heather! We’re glad you enjoyed reading this post and all of the ‘Throwback’ memories. Thank you for following the Happy Mango Beads Blog!

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THANK YOU for Supporting Fire Victims in Chile!


Happy Mango Beads launched a fundraiser almost a year ago (last April) to support fire victims in Valparaiso, Chile. With your help, we raised $500.00 selling little “chanchitos” through our website. The money that we sent down was used to purchase coats and blankets for those who were displaced during the winter months. Then we raised $500.00 AGAIN! This time around, the money (in the form of gift cards) was shared with school teachers in the Valparaiso that needed to replace supplies that were lost in the fire. This is a total of $1,000.00 contributed to fire victims–wow!

I lived in Valparaiso for some time and this country is very dear to my heart. It means so much to have the help and support of our customers during times of need. Thank you for making me such a happy Mango! Speaking of Happy Mango, what’s making YOU happy this week?

Chile Fire Relief

Fundraiser Supports Schools In Valparaiso, Chile

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I’m so glad to hear that! Those canchitos are awfully cute. Let’s hope you guys can raise another 500! Today I heard the first robin of the season in my yard. Definitely put a smile on my face!

Thank you, Holly! We can’t wait for spring, too. Keep smiling!

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50 Shades of Gary – Part 6

Gary, one of the warehouse dogs here at Happy Mango Beads, has become quite the fashionista. With a growing wardrobe of bandanas, Gary loves to surprise all the Mangoes with his favorite color of the day. I knew he was on to something when I would pull orders that matched his “outfit” and I have taken inspiration from Gary’s choices. Enjoy!

Part 6

Grey is a neutral color between black and white and is known as a “color without color.” It is commonly associated with old age, boredom, and conformity. Grey was commonly worn by peasants and the poor in the middle ages, as it was the color of undyed wool. It wasn’t until the Renaissance that grey gained popularity; black was then the color of nobility, and gray and white went along with that. Grey is also a common color in the animal kingdom, as it provides natural camouflage. It can also be used to describe situations that are neither good nor bad, here nor there – “the grey area.”

Hey, Gary…what kind of mood does grey put you in?
Well it’s almost like my name, so it makes my ears perk up when I hear it! It also goes well with my black, white, and brown, so that’s a plus.

Happy Mango Beads - Gary Blog

Are you more apt to stay inside if it’s grey outside? Why or why not?

Stay tuned for more shades of grey! Oops! I mean Gary. And if you missed the last one, check it out here!

Beads and supplies pictured include a leaf pendant, a large metal bead, porcelain ring beads, African bicone metal beads, labradorite nugget beads, chunky granite beads, Lagrima de San Pedro seed beads, and grey silk cord.

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Get Lucky…With Beads!

In honor of the month of March and St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve rounded up some “lucky beads” from around the warehouse, along with some little known facts.

After I got the idea to write a blog about all of our beads that can bring you good fortune, I figured I’d find out why St. Patrick’s Day is associated with luck. Turns out, it isn’t!

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday, recognizing St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Shamrocks are associated with the holiday, as St. Patrick used the 3 leaves Clover Pendantsof a clover to represent the holy trinity in his teachings. As with all holidays, it has evolved into something much different over time since people immigrated and new symbols and traditions were formed.

“The luck of the Irish” is actually a phrase that means quite the opposite. Throughout history, the Irish were quite unlucky, and the phrase refers more to their optimistic attitude regarding unfortunate situations. It is thought to be American-made, dating back to the gold rush. Among the “lucky” individuals who found copious amounts of gold, were many Irishmen. At the time, the Irish were a despised and mistreated group of individuals, thought to be incapable of success. Therefore, when a number of them ended up finding their “pot o’ gold,” it was just chalked up to being “the luck of the Irish.”

Four-leaf clovers, however, are still a symbol Lucky Gemstonesof luck. Since there are 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every 1 four-leaf clover, you are considered lucky to have found one. Each leaf is believed to symbolize something: faith, hope, love, and luck. While three-leaf clovers are the most common, there can be any number of leaves found on a clover, the most ever found totaling up to 56!

If you’re needing a little luck in your life, Happy Mango Beads offers many varieties of beads and pendants that are thought to bring you good fortune.

There are several types of gemstones that should bring you good luck, including aventurine, agate, and labradorite. Happy Mango Beads carries a large supply of different shapes and sizes of these beads, so surely you can find something to incorporate into your jewelry. After all, we could all use a little luck now and then.

Lucky Dice BeadsIf you’re looking for something more literal, we offer several styles of dice beads, including pewter, czech glass, lampwork, and bone, along with a “lucky” bottle cap bead! Have you ever been stuck on a project and aren’t sure what to do next? Try “rolling the dice” and see what happens. We’ve created a jewelry kit with dice beads for just this purpose!

So while it may be a stretch to relate “luck” with the month of March, I did it anyway. Do you have a lucky number, or a lucky t-shirt? Maybe a rabbit’s foot on your keychain? What keeps your fortune in good standing?

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Do you Pantone?

We are curious how many of our blog subscribers follow the Pantone colors of the year?

Looking for these shades at Happy Mango Beads? We have you covered! Our color names may vary from the official Spring Pantone colors, but we like to be creative too! (Just how creative you might ask? Well, Crayola ain’t got nothin’ on us)

1. Glacier Grey – Gray Agate Gemstone Beads
2. Classic Blue – Triangular Glass Beads
3. Custard – Glass Beads
4. Lucite Green – Recycled Glass Beads
5. Strawberry Ice – Resin Beads
6. Scuba Blue – Old Padre Beads
7. Toasted Almond – Pearl Beads
8. Marsala – Brecciated Jasper Gemstone Beads
9. Aquamarine – Crystal Glass Beads
10. Tangerine – Recycled Paper Beads

Happy Mango Beads

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